Petromin officially launches the first Jeep Lounge globally in Jeddah Embrace the Jeep community and enhance the brand experience

Petromin Corporation, the distributor for Jeep in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has officially launched the first Jeep lounge globally. In vision of the Jeep brand promise of community, fun and adventure with the iconic Jeep Product range, the Jeep lounge fosters a unique retail experience enhancing the customer journey envisioning the customer first concept.

Petromin is also the distributor for Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Fiat, Fiat Professional and MOPAR for Stellantis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Jeep lounge is located in Atelier La Vie situated in Jeddah's most popular and posh neighborhood. Built with a fusion of themes, adventure, modern and experiential, the Jeep Lounge targets the diverse customers of Jeddah, from just a place to own a Jeep, take a picture, or relax over a cup of coffee, the Jeep lounge serves all. It also disrupts the traditional engagement of the automotive marketplace, allowing people to immerse in the brand rather than just doing a transaction.

Kalyana Sivagnanam, Group CEO, Petromin Corporation highlighted the launch of the Jeep Lounge saying, “With the opening of the Jeep Lounge, Petromin has raised the bar for future automobile launches in the region. The heightened customer experience and brand penetration that we will achieve for Jeep through this exercise illustrates that we are applying the highest standards in quality and reliability across all the brands in the company. This launch indicates that we are committed to enhancing our footprint on the evolving aspirations of Saudi society, especially the country’s younger generation. These goals are also closely aligned to the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.”

The Jeep Lounge reflects a brand centric approach converging with an interactive and engaging sales point. It is aware of its target audience and provides a ‘lifestyle immersion’ experience. Offering an interior with hospitable settings and an instore Jeep Cafe offering signature beverages for visitors, customers, and members. One of the Lounge’s key features will also be an activity area. Enabling a fulfilling customer journey across every step of this immersive experience will be qualified, trained, multi-lingual customer representatives and consultants with a high degree of product knowledge coupled with skills in communication, technology, and sales.

Commenting on the landmark launch, Patrick Conway, Managing Director, Petromin-Stellantis said, “Jeep is a lifestyle brand, and the Jeep Lounge is an extension of this lifestyle. Jeep defines, refines, and enhances the life, loves and hobbies of those who interact with it, while offering a value proposition that encourages everyone to participate. Jeep is woven into the Kingdom’s cultural fabric and traditions, passed from one generation to another, valued, and cherished to make it an iconic lifestyle automobile in the region. Petromin is proud to support the Brand and accord with the values of innovation coupled with its legacy and tradition which also outlines the ethos of our company.”

The Jeep Lounge will be Jeddah’s signature ‘indoor open space’ hang out for the Jeep community and fans to foster engagement for future and current Jeep owners who reflect the spirit of freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion which are indelibly linked to the Jeep brand which endorses the values of ‘Go Anywhere. Do Anything’.

The Jeep Lounge’s character uniquely positions the brand’s energetic persona. A modern, fresh, consistent facility, depicting class, but providing accessibility to everyone, highlights the customer centers which are positioned as ‘engagement centers’ instead of a conventional car showroom.